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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Well, I dunno. Given the number of "Ueshiba had nothing because he got it all from Takeda" posts I've seen some people focus on, the "I don't know where this came from" argument seems a bit disingenuous.
I think if anyone rereads any of the posts, they'll find that we've said that aikido is great, a preeminent martial art, etc, etc, etc. No one has ever said, "had no original ideas", in fact the opposite was posted. Ueshiba did something unique in the budo world at that time. No one has said, "had no real sword (or other weapon) abilities". In fact, the opposite was said. It's a known fact that Ueshiba did trim the Daito ryu syllabus and that he never really systematically taught techniques. It's also documented that many of his students didn't understand him when he talked about the spiritual side of things. But, what have some of us posted? Hey, those things he was saying kind of make sense when training aiki. No one ever talked about Ueshiba naming the art "aikido" to skip out on paying someone. In fact, Ueshiba never really named his art, now did he? He accepted that name, but it came from somewhere else.

Disingenuous? Not really. Just like before when the world hardly knew that there even was a Daito ryu because it was covered up, it's now starting to be known that what powered Ueshiba's martial abilities was Daito ryu aiki. Still, that doesn't detract from what Ueshiba did, nor his spiritual message.