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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Ueshiba stood out. Kendo men wanted to train with him. Kano respected him. All of his students respected him. Yet, none of them stated that it was his spiritual nature. No, that doesn't diminish that aspect of him, but it is without a doubt his martial abilities, the Daito ryu aiki, that gave him a base to spread his message of his Aikido.
Shoji Nishio stated that he trained under Uesh because he found his morality superior to Mifune Kyuzo's (the great Judo player).

The article is over on Aikido Journal somewhere.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
And as for teaching what they knew. Here is another quandry. I recently talked with a someone in Japan in a branch of DR who stated that his teacher went to Tokimune to learn. Tokimune showed him- solo exercises, telling him they were the source of his aiki. When the teacher brought them back to his dojo- no one wanted to do them, they wanted to do techniques. When he later asked Tokimune about that, Tokimune said "No one here wants to do them either. I've shown some people, but they would rather do techniques too."
Then we have another well known teacher out and about who "had these things in his art" Who clearly knows about them, and can talk about them, but who clearly has never spent time really training them. His body and lack of internal skill make it obvious that he never spent enough time on them. Fortunately, he is meeting a new class of educated seminar attendees, who are making it known to him that "He needs work."
So where can we fairly say "Bad teacher," when the teacher tried. In some cased maybe we should be quoting a "Georgia Rule"
For a smart person (student), you're really good at stupid.

What can be said; some show, some don't show, some don't even know. Some are then shown, and they go right back to doing what they know and feel comfortable with. Best to focus on our own work and people who are interested in learning this work.
I don't know which DR teacher you are referring to, but Sano, a Shihan under Tokimune, demonstrates excercises for developing Aiki (which he says were shown to him by Tokimune) on one of the videos published by the Abashiri group about ten years ago. Very interesting stuff.