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With respect to the previous post, it seems to me that to discuss 'women' in such a context is as equally inappropriate as to discuss 'men'. While there are some consistencies; each person is an individual and will react accordingly, regardless of gender. Cases in point: Back when I was studying Jiu-jitsu (dabbling in it, really), I practiced regularly with an absolute knockout blonde 18-year-old. Very intelligent, very mature young lady. Her gender made no difference during practice, although it made grappling a LOT of fun. Had a couple of other females in my class while learning Unarmed Combat in the Army. They were the 1st. two women accepted into the Canadian Forces Combat Arms. Total, complete, unconditional ditzes. They hogged the showers after class so the guys didn't have time to shower. (We had 15 minutes between classes.) Cried in agony when they were so much as touched by a male. Refused to do anything 'unladylike'. Given the political viewpoint at the time, they had been told they would pass Battleschool regardless of their performance, and so didn't even bother to try.
In our dojo today, we have one woman; our senior student. I've more or less latched on to her as my instructor, and she just impresses the bejeezuz out of me; a small woman of mature years with that kind of speed and precision on the mat. Also a fun, nice person to learn from.
So, I think it's really an individual issue, not a gender issue.
One thing I WOULD like to say is how impressed I am at the responses to a very politically incorrect question. It would be very easy to hurl accusations at the poster for his temerity, but aside from a few light-hearted smacks, the responses have been all rational, intelligent discussion. Kind of backs up what I think: Smart people take Aikido.

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