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Question How to address a Shihan, Sempai, or Sensei?

I'm sure the answers must be here somewhere, but I haven't been able to find them...

If one is speaking directly to a Shihan, when taking instruction from them, are they addressed as "Good morning, Shihan," or "Good Morning, Sensei"?

Similarly, is Sempai a title, or just a word that means senior student? Would one say "Thank you, Sempai" like one would say "Thank you, Sensei," or are they just addressed by their name.

And while we're on the subject... In our dojo the chief instructor / owner is referred to indirectly as Sensei (as in "Go ask Sensei about that."), and of course is addressed directly as Sensei (as in "Thank you, Sensei."). Two questions about that...
  • - Yudansha are not referred to as "Sensei" when one is teaching a class, but should they be addressed as Sensei?
  • - When there is a visiting guest instructor / clinician, are they also addressed as "Sensei"? Or is Sensei the only one who is addressed as Sensei?

Many thanks!

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