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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
... both of my shoulders have tendency to roll in and my pelvic area does too (which I found odd because I always thought I had open hips...haha). ...

Oh, one more thing. He is taking an approach like Josh mentioned. He is saying that my body is like a spiral and there are several things that are causing my problems. He said he isn't sure what started this "spiraling" but he said he will work on my whole body, with extra emphasis on my right shoulder. He said that by working on any one given area, another may fix itself as a byproduct.

I can't wait to go back. Not a relaxing experience, but well worth it in my book.
Some more ideas for you to check into:
-Inwardly rotated humerus.
-The Spiral Line; this is one example. There are others. The body is layer upon layer of such complexity. What started the 'spiral' chink is some laxity or slack introduced into the body somewhere along the line that is effected. For example: Twisted ankle never realigned perfectly, perhaps...etc. For me, this was a big one: The Wishbone Maneuver. The idea: "Get the SLACK OUT OF THE BODY". Stay Aligned. Listen inside your body and see 'which gears don't mesh properly.
-Regarding the shoulders rolling iN: and the body consequences
-Yes; there is a lower crossed syndrome too.
-Regarding the pelvis rolling in; I suggest learning about Thoracolumbar region and Gluteus Medius. Great sites at and
Look for Eric Cressey articles.

I would recommend learning *all* about this.
Trigger Point Therapy Workbook
Also; for starters, I think this is helpful to learn about.
Tensor Fascia Latae and Iliotibial Band

Feel Better for 10$

Wishing you all Luck.

Ps. Again; everybody should at least see this book once: p.s. The Permanent Pain Cure; The Ming Method.. Can't say enough good things about Ming Chew. He has an endorsement by Renzo Gracie. That should say enough.

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