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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Well there was one statement earlier in the thread (sorry Dan) that Takeda Sensei taught what he knew...

Yet where are the great sword guys? I know he went to jujutsu because "the time of the sword is over"...but did he really teach what he that regard.

I'm probably just repeating Allen's question a little less tactfully...but I'm not particularly famous for my tact anyways, soooo...
Hi Ron,
I'll ask you some questions to get you thinking -- and because I'm a bit lazy in that I don't want to dig for all the stuff right now. What was said by other people of Ueshiba's sword work? Why? Just where did he learn sword? Wasn't there some mention that Ueshiba was good with a sword in either hand? Does that relate to what was said about someone else?

The short answer -- Ueshiba was good with a sword because of what Takeda taught him. Now, who under Ueshiba was good with a sword because of what Ueshiba taught him/her?