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Unfortunately most women think and make decisions based on emotions, where most men tend to be straightforward and logical. I know this seems sexist,(I'm female by the way), but it is just a fact of brain chemistry (checkout any biology or psychology book). Of course there are many exceptions, but this tends to be the rule. Women also tend to be moodier than males (due to uncontrolable hormone fluctuations, etc.).

I find that many women also tend to make many unsupported assumptions about situations, and emotionally react to them (often imappropriately), while men normally would not react. I think this can lead to the problems of gossip, back biting, etc. Many men behave the same, but it seems much more commen in women.

With my last job I worked in a small office with 12 women and one man, so I'm sure you can imagine the horrific miscommunications, back biting, etc. that occured.

I don't mean to blame inappropriate behavior on gender specific metabolism because of course nurture plays a role as well (which also tends to be gender specific). Women usually are encouraged to react emotionally and looked down for being logical and straigt forward when men are encouraged to be unemotional and logical. Yes, there are many exceptions I know!

Unfortunately we cannot change the behavior of immature and uneducated adults today, so those of you with children, please please please encorage them to use their brains. Semi-inteligent people can see through their immediate emotional response and think about the situation (thoroughly) before reacting. Unfortunatly I find that most people of my gender do not do this. Unfortunatly this creates awkward, annoying, inappropriate situation in the dojo. Hopefully traing will help them mature. As if dealing with a small child, ignore inappropriate behavior, and acknowledge decent behavior (unless ofcourse it is too distracting/harmful, then speak to Sensei).
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