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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

You could try looking up 'malalignment syndrome'. It has many different names, and consequences.
In my experience, twisted ankle effects gait cycle which is supposed to be automatic. Arch can fall. SI (Sacro Iliac) joint can be effected. Then the pelvis can become torqued (or upslip). ..and on and on. The body is a closed loop feedback cycle. Seemingly unrelated problems can in fact, be related.

Some interesting stuff at:
btw: there are clever cheaper ways to do what their products purport to do.
..If you have seen us at an expo you may have heard us say something along the lines of… “Soleus, loss of dorsiflexion, to your knee, to your inner quad, to your hip…rectus femoris takes all the responsibility causing tightness and pain to your quads, TFL, psoas, which connects at T12, resulting in the compression of the L4, 5 region causing your pelvis to tilt. Once your pelvis tilts, your IT band gets tight, and your QL (lower back) and hamstrings also get tight and sore...
also; this may or may not be useful
also; check out the post by Dr. Dunn here.
Good Luck

p.s. The Permanent Pain Cure; The Ming Method.

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