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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

Thanks everyone. I will let you know what is going on when I find out tonight (if Dan can still do it). Your advice is very helpful!

To answer a few questions and comments.

1.) My grad school was in PA and they may have taken a Dr. note, but I couldn't have made up the crime scene. They wouldn't do it over again just for me.

2.) Don't laugh when I say this.... but I got thrown off of a lawnmower. HAHA. I know what you are thinking... so I will add some more details. My dad's riding mower broke across the street in a field and he needed to tow it in behind his pickup truck. He said he would drive and I would steer the mower. He assured me he would go SLOW. Well, he was very kind to me until we got on the road and he sped up to about 25 mph or so. Well, I realized all too late that connecting the mower to the truck via a rope just was not a good idea because him slowing down wouldn't slow ME down! As you can imagine, I was freaking out trying to figure out what I was going to do before we got to our driveway. Well, my dad made the sharp right turn.... and I ATTEMPTED to do the same. I managed to slow down a little (lawn mower breaks aren't the best as you can imagine), miss the ditch, miss all of our pine trees and I missed the huge sign for my dad's kennel (he breeds chessies). I ended up bailing off the mower as it started to roll. Thank goodness for all the years of training I had doing rolls and falls from aikijitsu! I remember landing in a face fall, but I must have tumbled quite a bit after that because my white shirt was ALL brown from dirt. HAHA. Although I was scared, I was alright. The mower was a bit dinged up though.... HAHA. As scary as it was, I wish I could have seen myself on video. My dad saw I was alright and said "Don't tell Mom".
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