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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

Wow, Ashley, I feel for you -- a bad ankle sprain like that is one tough injury. You'll do fine! Just remember how things went with the ankle.

I've found in the past with my injuries that they get better with rest...and then, after a while, they stop getting any better. Then is when I need to resume activity -- I find that when I do that, they start improving again. This is assuming, though, that it's not the sort of injury that's aggravated by the activities of daily living. I had a wrist sprain some years ago that just nagged and nagged and never got better, because typing and mousing all day would aggravate it. I finally started taping it every day. My coworkers thought it was hilarious (taping your wrist to type, huh?), but it did the trick -- problem solved within a couple of weeks.
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