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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

plus I didn't want to fail my class
What, no doctor's notes in Oregon? Just kidding, I did something like that to my ankle, with a similar commute. All better now.

First, I would follow Janet's advice. PT's can give you homework exercises, and you seem to be the do-it-yourself type.

Only thing I would add would be to stock up on large flexible re-freezable ice-packs. I know CVS has one at roughly 20 by 12 inches or so. I toss that on my knees at bed-time routinely after practice nights. Ibuprofren works for me.
I was thrown off of something going about 15 mph or
That just begs the question as to what you were thrown from....

One time too many during ultimate frisbee I ended up on my right shoulder, so I get a clunk in there once in a while. Strength training seems to stabilize it very well. I was also a hurdler through highschool and part of college. Coach told me to ice every night even if it didn't hurt, I did, and I thank him for it.

Even so I have a little crunch, I think it's a pre-requisite to growing up :P

good luck,

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