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Hi Peter,

When Parker Sensei visits our dojo, I always make a point to instruct my students to watch what he is doing and try to do as he does. His techniques are somewhat different than our honbu dojo, but the basics are the same. However it is these minor differences that makes his Aikido his own and very dynamic.
One thing that drives Parker Sensei crazy are yudansha who start assisting with his teaching without his asking. They almost always show something completely different than what he showed. I've seen this happen at other clinics as well and it is very frustrating to say the least.

I had the opportunity last year to attend a yudansha only clinic done by Parker Sensei and this too was the theme. When I recently visited Aikido of Reno, I was told I had nice technique. My reply was "thank you, but it is not the technique you taught". I always try to do the techniques in the manner in which I saw them taught. Otherwise, why bother visiting another school.

BTW - Vince Salvatore and his group there in Reno are a great bunch of folks. I highly recommend his dojo should you be passing through the Reno area.

Heiwa ...
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