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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

I understand what you are saying Mary. I severely sprained my ankle a couple years ago. I mean, loud popping, swollen black and blue and everything. I never went to the doctor... part of it was shock and denial. I truly didn't know I had hurt my ankle that bad. My fiance was over an hour away at work and I was left to my own judgement... HAH! A lot of good THAT did me. Instead I sucked it up and drove to the train station (OUCH!), walked the quarter mile to the platform (OUCH!), traveled the 2 1/2 hours to my grad school via train, walked to the bus stop, took the bus and walked an additional quarter mile to my class (OUCH!). Not to mention the one mile walk I took after the train on subsequent days uphill (but not both ways... hehe) because I had a presentation to give. Besides the presentation, we also had a mock crime scene to process. Seems my classmates didn't believe me and I got stuck being the one squatting down on the ground to measure things.... BIG mistake!

I am almost certain that I tore some ligaments and my ankle bothered me for well over a year. If I had went to the doctor like I should have (I was scared and a bit naive, plus I didn't want to fail my class) I would have been on the road to recovery much quicker. A brace, crutches and some PT would have done wonders for me. Instead, I was sidelined from tennis for about 6 months because of my ignorance. I now know better and am learning to listen to my body. Just like you mentioned, I realize that my body does know best and that if I am told to lay off..... then I am going to have to suck it up and deal. WAH! At least this time I am doing something about it..... that is a start right?
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