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Angry Knees & Shoulder Pain

Hello. Well, let's start off by giving you a little background. I am 25 and I have only been doing Aikido since March. I am fairly healthy, but I was told about 5 years ago that I had a worn miniscus in my left knee (most likely from tap dancing and was told I had minor arthritis. Ever since, I have always had the "knee crunch" thing (you put your hand on your knee and when you bend it you feel it crunch).

Well, all has been going well in my training, then a couple weeks ago I started having some pain. It is right above both of my patella's. I am pretty sure that this is from weak quad muscles as I hadn't done martial arts in about.... 3 years (so I am out of MA shape). I am training about 8 1/2 hours a week doing Aikido, Iaido and Tai Chi. I am pretty sure that this is from the up and down I am always doing, especially in Iaido.

I was just wondering what you have done in the past if you have experienced this. Obviously strength training and rest are a couple of options. I would prefer NOT to take the rest though.... Any advice on that would be VERY helpful.

Now onto my shoulder. Let me start off by saying I am a HUGE tennis fan. I love to play and would play every day if I was able. The past couple of years I have noticed that if I just rally (hit balls back and forth, no serving) I am not sore the next day. However, if we play a match, my shoulder is extremely sore the next day. I have narrowed it down to the service motion that is causing me pain. I have also noticed that I am a bit sore after Iaido classes as well from the overhead cuts. I have also noticed that my scapula sticks out weird and my right shoulder sticks forward. If I rotate my shoulder backwards it grinds and pops, but if I go forward, it is silent.

After my research, I think I have a winged scapula or a protruding shoulder.... or both. Anywho, I have an appointment with someone this week just to check it out to see if I am damaging it further or not. Have any of you had experience with this? Again I know that massage, stretching and strength training are a good fix for this under most circumstances, but I was just curious.

I have no idea when my scapula started popping out, but I did notice it in grad school, which was a couple years ago. I did have an incident where I was thrown off of something going about 15 mph or so several years ago and I am now wondering if I did something back then and it has just gotten worse over the years. Bah humbug....

Any advice or personal stories would be very helpful.
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