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Re: How Should We Conduct a Black Belt Presentation?

I did not get a ceremony. But the members of the dojo, including my instructors, that were present at the testing all came out to the seminar party after the exams and my sensei paid for the beer of my choice (Fin du Monde by Unibroue) which was much better than the cheap stuff that was free for participants in the seminar. However, I did get my glass of the free beer topped up by Tamura sensei (he was doing the rounds meeting everybody). I also got to be congratulated by Tamura.

I paid for my own hakama and belt. When my certificate came in from Japan, my senseis formally handed it to me in the dojo (with bowing and clapping) just as they do for the kyu certificates.

While I agree that shodan is meant ot be the first of many. I would say it is a big deal with the change in Uniform and change in testing procedure (kyu tests are done in our dojoin front of our senseis, dan tests are done at major seminars in front of a panel of shihans with what feels like the whole world watching).

Jonathan Olson
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