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Originally posted by Leslie Parks
That being said, your organization does not have the right to use the kamon or family crest as your organization has done (on the flyer for the memorial training, using it as a click through button for "traditional aikido trainingEas two examples). Convention, good manners, and legal trademark dictate that use and authorization of use of the Toyoda kamon is restricted to the Toyoda family and their organization, AAA. This does not include some self-proclaimed "successor" such as your leader. When
holding memorial training for O Sensei, did you ever see Toyoda Sensei using the Ueshiba mon???
All other political stuff aside, I would think that it would be quite difficult to establish exclusive trademark rights to the kamon that Toyoda used. The one pictured on the pages is "sagari-fuji" ("weeping wisteria"), used by the Fujiwara family originally, and very popular in Japan. I'm sure that tens of thousands of Japanese families use the exact same crest.



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