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Re: How Should We Conduct a Black Belt Presentation?

Well, I make a big deal out of each belt/rank i get. lol
And come July is a key milestone for me, which Ill make a big deal out of as well.

So when I get shodan, Ill make a ceremony even if they dont have one...dragging my family, kids and everyone to watch the testing.

Now I will say that everyone present in kyu grades congratulate each other, and we have a formal 'award' ceremony where we approach Sensei for our certificates, bow, etc. A lot of people/family are present and videotaping. [again this is kyu, not dan ranks.]

Ive never seen a dan grading, but would like to...hopefully mine wont be to far off in the distant future. [maybe 2 more years...sounds long after already practicing for 2 years...]



p.s. - Brown belt/1st kyu is a pretty big thing here as well...its practically like getting your shodan.
[and hakama is worn from 2nd kyu.]

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