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In class we practiced a few wrist exercises prior to starting throwing and other techniques. I assume such wrist exercises are standard in an aikido cirriculum.

My question is, are there any other recommended wrist exercises, ones not done in an aikido class, that people practice that they've found useful?

there are many different types of wrist exercises that can be used to strengthen your wrists. one very popular type of exercise is kettlebell drills, there are lots that you can do that will build extreme wrist and forearm strength.

this type of training is also highly popular amongst bjj and mma students as grip strength is vital for the sport. another one of my favorite tools is the gripstik, it's like a small bar with handles on it that you rotate in opposite directions to help increase wrist flexibility and enormous strength. especially as you can increase the resistance as you get stronger.

if you need more indepth info on wrist exercises, just check out my wrist exercises blog.. good luck
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