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Re: question

Mark Uttech wrote: View Post
Onegaishimasu. Even something simple, like using spell check before posting, is one of the first mistakes we're going to make and notice right away. To continue anyway is a brave act; already progress.

In gassho,

I did run a spell check.... Not that it should matter if you can read what I say well enoff to answer my question, but I do have dislexia and Auntory Porsing disorder... both make is so that even spell cheek dose not help my speeling much and my Dragon Planly Specking dose not work on here , so apliges for the sppelling. Howver , you faild to aswer the question posed to you, wich is the point of a forom to discouse the topic at hand not to pick on the one asking , sir. Just to let you know .
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