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Re: Talk or not to talk?

Here is my thoughts from the experience I have had.

As a beginner I have been, and have seen people, frustrated with everyone and their brothers explanation of how to do Aikido.

Right when they think they figure it out, then the next guy ranked above them confuses them...[not on purpose of course.]

There is a reason this happens, of course, once you do Aikido more [or experience anything along these lines in life] you realize what is going on.]

For the most part people are trying to translate what worked for them, yet sometimes pass it off as a 'do it this way'...I remember many a times I would get frustrated, [especially not knowing the language], when someone would show me and tell me something opposite than Sensei.

My theory was, can you truly put me down, otherwise, it just was messing with me and what I tried to understand from the teacher.
But some insisted on their way, and with an individual like that it is quite hard to practice with - but it is good, as it gives me the variety I need to grow myself...both in the art, but most importantly internally as I check my ego.

Today, I gave my first "lesson", as it were to someone to try to help them better understand the fundamental concepts of why Aikido moves may work or are not working. They have had a similar frustration as I have, as well as coming in trying to use strength and is more stiff, so to speak.

The best way I tried to explain it, is how my Sensei told me, as well as my higher up sempai, and that Aikido is about 'possibilities' If you box it, your not getting what Aikido is about and what actually makes the move work. - In that, I made it clear that whatever someone else teaches, that is fine, and including myself and what I teach, it is important to him to focus on what Sensei is saying...if something is contradictory sounding, stick with the master when in doubt, so to speak.

In a way I think this helps...and as we become more open minded and not so strict in how the technique is done, as long as the main principles are applied with control throughout the technique, etc. - then its all fine.

So as far as talking, etc. I talk all the time, and I truly dont speak the - but you have to feel what that person needs. Sometimes showing it is good - bottom line, you cant just say it [not typically] its a mix of using the pointer/word that you are used to, and then applying the technique to show them from what angle your coming at so they can understand your lingo, etc.

Feeling how the technique works is a must, in my opinion. A lot of times that may include breaking it up in pieces and getting them used to the sense of control throughout the move.

Anyway, no better way than to get out and practice and try to explain it to someone and see how it goes. Recently our Sensei has had us training with & teaching the younger students in the first half hour of the class... Quite amusing and fun for the most part...though there are some kids you sense that the parents wanted them to be there, while others make a good time out of it.



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