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Re: How Should We Conduct a Black Belt Presentation?

In our dojo, the ceremony is about the same for mudansha and yudansha. Immediately after the test, successful candidates have their mudansha passbook signed by the Dojo Cho. At the next class, the Dojo Cho will call each individual up in front of the class and present him with his new belt. The student will turn away from the shomen and put on his new belt. After that class bows out, the student is expected to move his name board to the proper place on the nafudakake. Later, when the certificates arrive from the association headquarters (for mudansha) or from Japan (for yudansha) the Dojo Cho calls the student up before the class and presents the certificate to him. The belts are paid for by the dojo and hakama are purchased by the individual student. The reason that belts are presented at the next class after testing is because oftentimes belts are passed down as gifts from senior to junior and that takes a day or so to sort out.

We usually have a barbeque after testing, or order a number pizzas and each person kicks in approximately $5.00 for the meal. Families and friends are welcome to observe the tests and take pictures, and are encouraged to stay afterwards for the party. Many times the test candidate will have his picture taken with the Dojo Cho and Test Committee after the testing as well.

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