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Re: How Should We Conduct a Black Belt Presentation?

Erik Jurrien Menzel wrote: View Post
The only thing I worry about is the more formal you make it the more you risk planting the idea that having a black belt is realy realy important.
It is really important, right up until it's not.

If you feel strongly for or against having a formal ceremony, the odds are that you haven't examined the meaning of rank very deeply. On the other hand, if you understand it, you'll be quite content whether one is simply mailed to you, if your the honored guest at a big shindig, or if you never have rank awarded at all.

The black belt I currently wear (replacing the one that somehow must have shrunk a bit over the years )? I walked into the supply shop and bought it. Somehow, that action felt a little sacrilegious, but it passed. I think that was the last bit of weirdness that hung around me regarding the meaning of rank.

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