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Re: Taisabaki and Ueshiba

FWIW, I haven't heard of tai sabaki being used in reference to "internal body skills".

If that's what the kendoka meant, why didn't they say they went to him to learn kokyu, kokyu-ryoku, or ki no nagare or some other more likely term?

In aikido, tai sabaki usually refers to body movement, sometimes to footwoork (ashi sabaki). While aikido tai sabaki surely includes "whole body movement" and whole body movement does go hand in hand with internal skills - it doesn't really include internal skills, in my opinion.

I suppose the kendoka meant tai sabaki in the normal sense. However, I believe what made Ueshiba's tai sabaki exceptional was his timing, and I think that's what the kendoka were probably after. If it was his internal power they were seeking, then why didn't they just say so? After all, many of Ueshiba's students and admiriers talked about his great ki or breath power.
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