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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Hi Shaun,
Thank you for your message.
I have very little factual contribution; but I can share some of my thoughts.

I have been over this thread earnestly trying to understand your missed point. I do not think I understand.

I think we are talking about the differences about DR and Aikido.
I think *it* is not simply expressed.
For what it is worth; I think *it*, and very relevant on-topic ideas about proper ukemi, may have been discussed, at length, and done well here:
I think the answer has something to do with what you discuss as Gan-Sa-Tan-Riki. I do not understand the term. Am I even in the right ball park?
As, I think, you pointed out in the linked thread; this does not have only to do only with .. actual aiki physical skills, which are subject to one-upmanship. But is the something more ... which isn't known; and the *it* that is missed. And the difference between DR and Aikido. And fundamental to a difference in ‘proper ukemi'. And I do not think you are talking about anti-aiki as proper ukemi. But something on a different order. Q: Is it not a concrete physical skill? I think I have asked the wrong question.
That is what it all seems to me. But that's mostly my spidey-sense talking/tingling.

Sincerely, and All the Best,