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Sy Labthavikul
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Re: Talk or not to talk?

I feel dialogue and feedback is important to training, but I agree with most of whats being said here: if you're not instructing the class, you have no business trying to instruct. Seems pretty obvious, haha. If my training partner is having a lot of trouble with the technique or doing something blatantly wrong, whats worked for me has been to say something like "Something feels strange... let me ask Sensei" and try to catch the instructor's attention. If its little things, then I'll give feedback, but always worded as feedback: "I don't feel like you have my balance here" or "I can still see you" or something along those lines. I always phrase things as stuff I notice or feel, never "you should" phrases, commands, instructions, or even hints as to what the other person should do, thats up to them to figure out for themselves, or to realize they need additional instruction from Sensei.

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