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Hi Pat,
Thanks for reading. I don't mean to imply that all of a certain art employs these practices; certainly that's not true. About the children in the story--my friend's daughter is in college now, and my own little one is driving. She didn't continue aikido--Mom does aikido; it must be wimpy--but she has a wonderful soccer coach she's had since she was 8. I loved him and how he treated the children when they lost every game in a season and didn't score a goal, and I love him now when they score in double digits and win every game. He's just the sort of sensei I was looking for.
you are welcome! It was a good read.
I didn't think you were implying that this is common in any particular art, I was just setting my comments within my own training framework for reference. The bulk of my training has been in TKD (just beyond 1kyu), with lesser ammounts of training in jujitsu, aikido nad more recently judo.

That soccer sensei sounds like the real deal!

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