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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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So you'd define Ueshiba's ukemi as "taking all the incoming attacks/energy and changing it in his body through the use of aiki", right? And you just might be able to do so in the role of uke/aite and in the role of tori/nage?
I'm being overly simplistic, but yes. Ukemi in a more "aiki" sense is seen in this way. It's why I think that Ueshiba was really "uke" when he had his students attack him. Ueshiba used aiki to appropriately match the incoming attack.

It is ukemi, but not seen just as rolling and falling. It's also why I use the example of Ueshiba's push tests. IMO, he's showing aiki both statically and dynamically. If you can't do the static, how can you use aiki in a dynamic manner? This is "correct ukemi" to me.

Which brings up the question of why did Ueshiba want specific attacks and ukemi from his deshi? What drove that?