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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido and Bushido

Hi Brian,

I think the salient question here though, is do those virtues REALLY represent Bushido, either as an over all concept, or in terms of the various uses of the term in individual areas at specific periods of time. If you go with the overall concept, then you have to look at a kind of sum total or amalgam of those ideas...which of course then should include the way the idea of Bushido was used in WWII by the government to incite violence and war.

Then, having selected one of those areas, and periods of time that match the items listed in your post; is there any true correlation between Ueshida and his influences and that time/place you accept for the definition for "Bushido" (the time/period closest to him is in fact during the mis-use of the concept leading up to and during the war [I can't believe anyone in aikido in the US would actually want to go there]).

I was taught the "meaning of the pleats of the hakama" thingy and "Bushido" too...but I choose to take that kind of thing with a few grains of salt. It is part of the mythology of Japanese martial art and specifically, many forms of aikido, even if only in passing. BUT...I also think these things are not to be taken too literally, and I don't think too much should be made of them.


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