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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Daito-Ryo was a major influence on the Founder of Aikido. Obviously it was the source for the training syllabus, too. However, what is at the heart of the discussion has nothing to do with denying any contributory sources, but more about what separates the two arts and how declaring that just because they share a common ancestry that the very nature of the two arts are quite distinct and polar opposites from the start.
Could you then explain (or point to me a post, website, whatever) what the very nature is of Daito ryu and of aikido and how these natures are polar opposites? Because I can't see how two arts can share so many techniques, but use these to achieve totally opposite goals.
Come to think of it, I'm probably misunderstanding you because of a difference in perspective: to me, two martial arts can never have totally opposite natures, since there's no escaping the fact that both are martial arts.

I would not call this research at all when it comes to clearing up the confusion that is the current state of Aikido. Going to the source of an invalid argument about what is Aikido does little other than to reinforce the nature of the confusion.
Going to the source of an argument and exploring that source, seems to me the best way to explore the validity of an argument. Unless one lacks a critical mind of one's own and is just looking for a guru with magical skills, of course.

Here is a rather long, but personal anecdote to illustrate my point - that being that going to the source of confusion does little to alleviate confusion.
Based on that anecdote, I'd say you're point is that going to the source of confusion does little to alleviate confusion, if and only if the source of the confusion is a mistake and the people who made that mistake are unwilling to accept they have made that mistake.
Which nicely ties up this post, because here I end up with the same question as in the beginning: what's the difference in nature between Aikido and Daito ryu? (If you already did so, my apalogies and please point me to where you did.)