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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Here is a rather long, but personal anecdote to illustrate my point - that being that going to the source of confusion does little to alleviate confusion. I find it quite ironic all these years later given how much of a corollary, albeit a metaphoric one there is between what occurred to me then and what is, in my opinion, occurring in our art now. I hope that someone sees this correlation or at the very least one person finds a story about autofocus cameras interesting on its own merits.
After reading that, i found myself smiling. Rereading it, I found myself laughing. What a beautifully illustrative anecdote. I have to thank you for posting that. I don't think I could have come up with anything nearly as wonderful.

I find that I can see correlations:

1. The two cameras: Ueshiba and his son, Kisshomaru.

2. The two cameras and how they work: Ueshiba's aikido and post WWII aikido.

3. The subcontractor (you) looking at the cameras as correlative to the worldwide non-Japanese students of aikido.

4. The mistake as correlative to the missing aiki skills in aikido.

5. The "all seeing all knowing, repair-bible writing technician-gods" as correlative to the current Japanese shihans.

6. And the difference in the repair of the lenses showing blurry (common repair bible) and clear (done correctly) as correlative of common aikido being blurry while aikido with aiki as clear.

I just found it so apt to the current situation. A small subset of people (in the aikido world) have found a flaw in the current model and can clearly see the differences and are trying to show the bible-readers just what changes were made between the older and newer models.