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Re: Re: weight verses use

Originally posted by Chris Li
This is pretty common advice, but I wouldn't put too much faith in it. It might tell you if the bokuto is too heavy - or it might tell you that you are tiny and puny - or it might tell you that you're just cutting completely incorrectly. With no experience there's no way for you to tell which one.
True. And, as a friend of mine who does kenjutsu asked, "Why do 1000 cuts when you might be dooing 1000 cuts incorrectly? Why not do 10 cuts correctly instead?"

Further, as I stated further up in the other thread, different schools use different weights of bokuto because they train in different ways.
I have at least three differently weighted bokuto in my weapons bag. Oftentimes when I pair up with someone, I'll ask them what "weight" weapon they have and then fetch one that's more appropriate if necessary.

These days, though, I've taken to using a very lightweight bokuto -- I believe it's the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu bokuto that Kiyota Company sells.

-- Jun

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