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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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As someone who learned Aikido for a few years and is currently practicing Daito Ryu, I am constantly struck by how potentially "humane" the application of the art can be on an aggressor, compared to some Aikido I have experienced. One feature of Daito Ryu is "robbing the opponent of their power" where you disperse their strength, rendering them less of a threat but without throwing or hitting in a damaging manner.

For sure, there are brutal parts to the art as well, but waza can be applied in a manner perfectly in accordance with "the spirit of loving protection."
Absolutely true and hardly ever acknowledged, accepted, thought about or discussed. And as I noted several times. "What does that say about Takeda's statements about it being a defensive art?"
Or of Sagawa's logo about peace on his wall, and Ueshiba's statements?
They the core of their various arts skills...
One and the same-just different expressions of it.

I was only trying to make the point that waza/technique was not taught as some superficial time-killer for that that don't have ki/kokyu/qi/jin skills. Waza is very important. The old saying goes something like "martial-technique-skills without internal strength is not sufficient; internal-strength skills without skill in techniques is no good, either".


Agreed, and nice saying. One can debate all day whether the old expressions of waza are still sufficient or they need to be updated with newer methods of fighting. I think people on both sides of that debate have been surprised at the result.
Then again the training model of ukemi can be explored in that regard, to produce drastically different fighters with completely different pre-conditioned response levels to force. I am sure that just now, many guys training this way are examining much different ways to deal with a lock or throw attempt other than falling down to avoid them.

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