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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Which ties in with a response to a question to a Daito ryu Shihan.
Q. "Person to person who wins?"
A. "The one with aiki."
Q. "If they both have aiki?"
A. "The one with the better aiki, or the one with better skill in use." (who arrives first or follows and changes better)

I disagree in the modern era about fighting with it.
External to internal- I think very well trained MMA grappler /knockout power headhunters can equal a lot of playing fields, by standing outside and delivering the mail, or setting up "the fog" by repeated strikes to the head and body and kicking... before entering.
Once grappling; internal and short power can become devestating.
I just think since people are going to spend all that time training why not do both? Build both skills.
None of which is directly related to the thread. If we are talking about aiki waza it remains about control..hmm..wait. Who said "90% of aikido is atemi?" hmm...

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