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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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So, in conclusion, while our (two different) Arts are completely different at their core, in intended result, in execution of techniques and in training to produce those very differences, I bow to you. Budo wa, Budo desu.
I don't see how you can claim the above without denying Daito ryu was a major influence on aikido. Care to elaborate?

Too bad for those who find it much easier to accept the printed words of someone else rather than do their own research and challenge even the currently-held opinions and theories.
As for who I may have been speaking of, wouldn't it be interesting if it had been about the current favorite flavors here on Aiki-Web, or wherever? You know, people like Dan, Akuzawa or even... (gasp) Mike S. ...? Think about it.
Ironically, plenty of people quoting these 'current favorite flavors' are the ones that went to train with them. How's that in doing research?

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