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Charles Hill
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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Shaun Ravens wrote: View Post
All Interesting theories everyone... Really!

Of course, its important to say that corroborated versions aren't necessarily 100% correct. They may, for various reasons even be entirely wrong. Alas, anecdotal accounts, as unaccepted as they may be by whoever seems to find objection with the correlating conclusions aren't necessarily 100% wrong. They may even be absolutely correct.

As for who I may have been speaking of, wouldn't it be interesting if it had been about the current favorite flavors here on Aiki-Web, or wherever? You know, people like Dan, Akuzawa or even... (gasp) Mike S. ...? Think about it.
I am certainly curious to see what kind (if any?) reactions you are going to get from this, but I thought it was great answer. Even better than if you had answered who, thanks. I'm certainly glad you have decided to become active here again Shaun.