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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Tom Wharton wrote:

I got the impression Mr. Ravens was talking about Stevens. Mark Murray posted a link to The Way of Harmony at the bottom of his post #15.

I'm sure few in this thread would dispute, with any tenacity, Mr. Ravens' assessment of Stevens' writing, though no less embellishing than Stevens' himself. For the record, I believe Mark was referencing Shirata Sensei, not Stevens.

Charles Hill wrote:
I thought Shaun was refering to Stanley Pranin too.

John Stevens didn't even come to mind because; one, he has made no public claims about who did and didn't get "transmission " and two, I know of no "refusal to debate."

Who are you talking about Shaun?

Dan Harden wrote:
No big deal either way. If Shaun meant Stevens most would probably agree with him-but certainly not all. If he meant Stanley, most would probably disagree with him, but not all.
In my small way I tried to present one view of the issues of anecdotal V corroborated "versions" of history.
In either case, maybe we can all benefit from the exchange.

All Interesting theories everyone... Really!

Of course, its important to say that corroborated versions aren't necessarily 100% correct. They may, for various reasons even be entirely wrong. Alas, anecdotal accounts, as unaccepted as they may be by whoever seems to find objection with the correlating conclusions aren't necessarily 100% wrong. They may even be absolutely correct.

As for who I may have been speaking of, wouldn't it be interesting if it had been about the current favorite flavors here on Aiki-Web, or wherever? You know, people like Dan, Akuzawa or even... (gasp) Mike S. ...? Think about it.

Best in training...


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