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C. David Henderson
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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
An interesting diversion is to discuss why aiki waza is so bizzare, so singular, justaposed to koryu jujutsu. Why it wasn't repeated, why his students tried to record it. I think there is a reason. And it is also the reason most of it doesn't work in the hands of the vast majority who try them.

Solo training
The fact that Ark and I both teach people solo exercises that condition the body that leads to aiki, and do so openly is not germane, other than to point out that they still exist and we...are capable of doing so.
Hi Dan.

I took it that this was the portion of post #37 to which you were referring. I could venture a guess about what you might say in response to the question posed, but I'd rather ask, if I may, what you think.