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Re: Re: Kihon Waza

Originally posted by Chocolateuke
I train in Yoshinkan Aikido and your post was really good and informative. But when Payet teaches us we have a lot of variation ( IE shomen, yokomen, swariwaza, ursiro waza, two hand grab, ect..) , chaining between tech is used , its not really taught persay.
I've often watched Saotome demonstrate a a single technique (for example) ten times and have it look like ten really very different techniques. The trick is to try to pick out the common thread. It's quite different from the Yoshinkan pedagogical method, although I enjoy both.

In a side note, I have practiced in a number of dojo that specifically teach changing between techniques - say from kote-gaeshi to irimi-nage and back again, but that's a little bit different (I think) than what George was talking about.



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