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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Hello Mark,

My question was basically a response to Dan's post #37. (Dan is preaching to the converted here, by the way.)

The fact remains, however, that despite the accomplishments of both men in Aiki skills, what they showed, even to their closest students, was waza--in Takeda's case, hundreds. Budo Renshu (compiled in 1933), by comparison, contains about 160, with an introduction dealing with possible attacks and how to deal with them. So it seems to me that Ueshiba, at least, combined aiki skills with waza and used waza also when dealing with people like Tomiki and Shioda.


This is a fascinating thread.

I'd like to pose a question if I may.
If Shioda and Tomiki "got" aiki skills from Ueshiba sensei (and they certainly appear to have), is there some particular treason why they would not have codified any special aiki training tools for their students? It seems very odd to me, especially in the case of Tomiki, who appears to have been very open about teaching methods. Why wouldn't Tomiki have codified these aiki exercise methods and passed them on - either directly in his own aikido style or at the Kodokan - if he felt they were critical to the correct execution of the art?

Alternately (or in addition), a question for Dan:
Do the solo excercises from Tomiki aikido have any particular aiki benefits that are not readily apparent? They appear, at least to my untrained eyes, to be relatively standard exercises for warming up and establishing correct movement patterns.