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Re: Aikido in MMA and Street Fight

Blake Evans wrote: View Post
Hey guys,

Just wanting to know if you have used Aikido in a fight (real or sparing)? And if so how?

I must say I'm rather lucky and haven't been in a violent fight for a few year as I can normally talk my way out of a situation that looks it could turn ugly (normally it only cost $9 for another drink for some Yob with anger management issues).

I have trained in Muay Thai for a few years and Aikido for only a few months I also have friends who do boxing, BJJ, MMA and all the rest, we often have sparing matches (semi contact) and try new things or just to have fun and test our self's. I have lately found (I would say mostly due to my skill level) that Aikido Techniques are not always suitable to be applied in there entirety, that is some times I find it more effective to halt a throw midway and deliver I kick or punch.

At first I thought this was just me, however when in class and training with one of the sensei's he tends to stop mid throw and demonstrate (non contact) where and how different strikes can be applied.

So is this Aikido or is this a variation with elements from other arts mixed in?
Ok I’ll bite

According to whose lineage your aikido comes from you are more likely to have strike or no strike. That being said some sensei use strike even if they belong to organisation that usually does not use strikes.

So for some people replacing throw by strike will not be very aikido for some other it is just an alternative choice.

It is difficult to use aikido against someone who is fighting from an organised position, so you will have to use strike to make him move or to move him the way you want. If the move or chase after your it is easier but it they keep it tight. You will need to soften them up before. So it may very well be only strike

You can set up a few things by stepping as if you were setting up MT round house (or slipping a punch) but strike a cross or lead hand direct, and follow up with same foot as the fist, as if you were closing for an elbow and let you punch continue so you will end up as if you had elbowed him. You should be able to get the head, the hips/leg or the arm.
Personally I can not get any thing aiki if I swim inside the punches.

You need to think of ikkio and rokkio or any immobilisation as standing arms lock. I.e. you get the lock and then you take them down, to avoid problem you can agree with you friend that getting the lock on is enough (no take down from there).
And it really need to be on in such way that it control arm elbow and shoulder.

as well tecnhi and irrimi nague really need to look like the one in yoshinkan/iwama
ie you woudl thow them with their head locked or really stiking the head.

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