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Blake Evans
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Freaky! Aikido in MMA and Street Fight

Hey guys,

Just wanting to know if you have used Aikido in a fight (real or sparing)? And if so how?

I must say I'm rather lucky and haven't been in a violent fight for a few year as I can normally talk my way out of a situation that looks it could turn ugly (normally it only cost $9 for another drink for some Yob with anger management issues).

I have trained in Muay Thai for a few years and Aikido for only a few months I also have friends who do boxing, BJJ, MMA and all the rest, we often have sparing matches (semi contact) and try new things or just to have fun and test our self's. I have lately found (I would say mostly due to my skill level) that Aikido Techniques are not always suitable to be applied in there entirety, that is some times I find it more effective to halt a throw midway and deliver I kick or punch.

At first I thought this was just me, however when in class and training with one of the sensei's he tends to stop mid throw and demonstrate (non contact) where and how different strikes can be applied.

So is this Aikido or is this a variation with elements from other arts mixed in?
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