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Joseph Madden
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Re: Ask sensei to demonstrate "at speed"?

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Thanks Shany,

It is my philosophy that you have to attack like a bear, giving it all you got. That has nothing to do with the argument about to cooperate or not to cooperate. A dedicated full attack means as the tori you experience full body chaos. But, Aikido techniques if do correctly are designed not to injure. And good Ukemi is a vital skill to prevent injury. A full on attack scares some people because they fear injury, and they will not commit to the attack. Understandable. People are afraid so they figure the energy they put into the attack will be the equal to the energy they receive and will be injuried. But that is not true, I see more injuries when people don't attack fully, like a wet fish attack, because they don't use that receiving energy from the Sensei for their ukemi which protects them. Not having the energy in their ukemi often makes it difficult to do proper ukemi and that results in injury. I say folks, full speed ahead!
Absolutely right! How many times have you had to flip because shite wasn't giving you any and it would mean an injury to yourself if you didn't. Or vice versa.
I continuously tell juniors that learning to take the fall will make everything so much easier.
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