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Thumbs up Re: Getting back on the tatami again

Yay I survived!

On arrival I met Sensei in the car park, and he asked if I'd be ok with suwari-waza I said yes, as it's less far to fall but was wondering how my knees would cope, having done very little on them since my last class in '06...

Fortunately my legs, feet and ankles remembered what to do and moving about was ok, although seiza felt harder to maintain at first as the blood drained out of my legs instead of circulating as it should

Sensei took pity on us all and we also did some tachi-waza Ai-hanmi iriminage was my worst technique - it's partly a style change thing, I know perfectly well how to do it UKA style but my body still tries to default to previous versions! My favourite was a moving ai-hanmi nikyo - uke virtually puts the technique on himself

Halfway through class my hakama started to fall down Next time I must remember to tie the tapes much tighter, as they do slacken off once I start moving!

Today I ache (not unexpected) but it's a good ache, not an injured one Everyone was great in the class and I really enjoyed it

Looking forward to the next one!

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