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Re: "Transparent Power" (Sagawa Yukiyoshi) book translated

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I am curious as to how this translation compares to other existing english translations written by those with knowledge of internal skills. I guess I will have to pick up a copy at some point and compare it to the original.
I've read the original and, considering how Kimura writes in Japanese, I suspect who translated it will not matter all that much (provided they have proper translation skills) as there isn't all that much to "read between the lines" with in this book (one thing Kimura is not is "vague" in his writing style, something which a number of native speakers have also commented on to me). It's a great book of course, but if you are looking for a book loaded with tips on how to "get it", you probably won't find much. A rather large chunk of it is listing various people who trained with Sagawa and lots of stories about various famous aiki-types and Sagawa's interaction with them (not to mention a number of not so subtle slams for various people). Sagawa was a man of strong opinions and it's refreshing that he doesn't pull many punches. It makes the book interesting stuff from a historical point of view, not so much from a "learning the art" point of view outside of confirmation that you need to be singlemindedly insane on trying to improve.

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