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Re: "Transparent Power" (Sagawa Yukiyoshi) book translated

The subdued Japanese characters printed vertically down the center say "Tomei na Chikara" (Transparent Power). I'm not sure what the significance of the wings are (I didn't find anything in the book that hinted towards a meaning), but the center design is based off the original design of the Japanese edition:

As far as "which translation" to go by, it seems kind of obvious to me. "Requested and authorized by the author" means that the translators had a chance to clarify difficult passages with the author directly, and the author further had a chance to proof read the translation for accuracy. The bootleg version may (or may not) be good, but in my experience there is no substitute for having access to the author when translating.

The Japanese language is vague in nature. In person, a clear understanding can be obtained through experiencing the context and feeling directly. However, amateur Japanese writers tend to write the same way they talk, which means without that direct interaction, you are left with a vague text in Japanese that can be really tough to identify the specific intended meanings of.

Anyway, decide for yourself. I just wanted to let others know that it will be available soon because myself and others I know have gained some validation in regards to our own training methods, if not valuable perspective on martial arts training in general, from reading it.

I know it sounds a bit like a sales pitch, but feel free to call me on it if you think I'm wrong once you've read the book!


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