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Re: "Transparent Power" (Sagawa Yukiyoshi) book translated

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I am curious as to how this translation compares to other existing english translations written by those with knowledge of internal skills. I guess I will have to pick up a copy at some point and compare it to the original.
Well you had the one fellow we both know who is Japanese and American and is a translator by trade. Hmm....I have about a hundred pages of it in English. I don't think there is much of anything there to help anyone with anything. It's a curiosity at best, self serving at worst. There is enough said to create useless debates for a long time to come.
The one thing of merit is he is yet another one telling people you need to steal it and that there is and was solo training-in his view extraordinary solo training- in order to really "get it." And so what..therein lies much of the debate.
Everybody talks,,train, and then go touch people. Then you'll know. As you well know, most simply cannot deliver much of anything you won't find everywhere else.
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