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Freaky! Further advices regarding Bokken, anyone?

Hi there!

I have read some eralier prostings regarding the weight and design of Bokken and Jo and though it seems to have been discussed frequently I still feel I could need some further advice...

I have just bought my first Bokken (itīs still enclosed in itīs plastic cover!), but as I brought it with me to todays training (no weapontraning today) several who tested my new Bokken found that it was not heavy enough. As I asked my Sensei he said the same, although he ment that a not so heavy Bokken is okey to start with - but they all also said that itīs a matter of taste, so this is my problem: I donīt really know my taste regarding Bokkens yet.

The one i bought was a mid-price Bokken in white oak. I choose it because I liked the balance in it (uh well... It feels good to hold anyway) althogh the shop also had a cheeper one (and this is quite confusing!) in red oak that was both heavier and had a bigger handle. I thought it felt more like a sword of a Viking rather than a Bokken, so I choose the prior one.

Well, what I really would like to ask before I return to the shop to test out the other Bokkens again is:

1) Is a white oak Bokken better (stronger etc.) than red oak one?

2) Is it better to start with a heavier Bokken or do I risk to learn the movements wrong?

That should be it, generally... (If anyone have read this far) I feel quite confused!

Well, I think I like my Bokken although I suppose that it could have been a bit heavier to feel more like the real thing. Maybe I should just keep it, call it "sting" (well, for any Tolkien fan out there it should be obvious why) or "Toothpick" (as some at the dojo called it) and keep on learning.

Thankful for any answers!

///Daniel Brandt
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