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I know it's working because my shins and calves scream. It used to be my quads. Then it slowly worked its way down to my knees. Now it's in my calves and shins. The only other place after that is the ground. That's where it should be going in the first place if my body would cooperate.
That kind of blows my mind that that's the way that you are thinking.
It's very Interesting.
You reminded me of this story i read about this kung-fu practitioner ( Hung Gar?) that was given a heavy teak staff by his Father/Teacher, and was told to hold it with chi. Then when he figured out how to do that, he then held it with the chi penetrating 1 inch or so into the length of the staff, and carried on in this until he could move the 'balance point' to the full length of it.
He only then could do as his teacher and pick up the heavy staff with his fingertips.

I hadn't thought of it quite in that way before.
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