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Waist drawing a spiral "through"

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
...Waist drawing a spiral "through" the groin frequently means they hit a wall when they try and throw you and they end up throwing themselves. Its part of that "magic feel" before they go over without much effort. ...
Hi Dan,

This is outstanding.

These paths can strengthen the body terribly well. Will snap out (eventually) any macroscopic misalignments in the hip and lower back. A FLEX strongly into the balanced position of the hips/body. Do you agree? You know, like how you can flex your bicep, but this occurs at the mechanical limit of movement concurrent to the peak in muscular tension/effort. Well, this is a way to flex the core (to it's limits) at/against its neutral balance balancing this precisely against alignments of the spine (i.e. the position you are in) and limbs. Distribute load across frame. Balance load in skeleton and muscle..and ..effort systems. Flex into the ... zero balance point of the body. Strengthening what it feels like integrity.
So that when someone knocks you, you just flex ha. because you .. harden.
Do you agree?

w/ringing the groundpath, clear and clean.
Here's 1 way for this all to happen, i believe, when you apply this to striking. I think this example shows how this maximal body flex/tension be generated at a skeletal-neutral position while lowering the boom on a guy. Otherwise known as punching. It doesn't 'look' like much at all.
On a related note: Is the wiggly guy getting beat down doing anti-aiki training? Or is he equalizing his 'wrinkle' or 'snag' in this guy's fascial webbing/connections? Or is he just wiggly? Or (i think) cause he's fu*n sore and that felt natural to do. ? dunno. Maybe like his skeleton was set ringing like the hammer and the spike at the beginning and we are watching...harmonics.

In the case of Ryabko's punches...
I was wondering what the best anti-aiki training would be. What is the best way of meeting that punch? Obviously, not meeting it at all. But if need be; Could it be related to meeting it as perfectly as possible; and letting it w/ring back to him. probably to his core. not sure exactly what..that last bit is extrapolation.


Sorry for thread-jack. ..
All the Best,
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