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Re: Push Test 02

Hi Bud
If you are facing me and we are in a contest for throwing and we are playing hands and you are grabbing my arms, I can draw you in by opening on one side while closing on another. Of course it can be horizontal or open/ down close/ up (think tenchi nage) or I can close "at you" and open "away" with the body at the same time. For that matter I can wind against myself upper-to-lower.
With the hands:
If I did a nikyo shape and grab your hand with my right; I can open to the right and close over your wrist with the left and drop you by winding without perceivably winding at all. But the right hand is aiming at opening with the thumb out pinky-in and the the left is closing with the thumb-in and pinky down. Then...I can do it the opposite way if you tried to change it and drop your elbow into your center.
Or...forgetting all of that just bring my intent over the contact point, and close over your center and drop you down and draw you in. Its a play ground.
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